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At the law office of Harold J. Cronk, we have over 30 years experience in DUI defense. From early license issues to prepping for a jury trial and every step in between, we have a plan for your case. Our firm is a client focused firm. We won’t stop until our client feels comfortable that their case has been fairly resolved. Place your trust in us and we will give you the home-town edge, the benefit of our over 30 years of experience, and our promise that no one will fight harder for your defense.

With the stress that comes after suffering a serious accident or when facing criminal charges, it can be hard to know who you can trust and how you need to legally proceed. Finding the right legal team to take your case and manage it seriously is an important step in moving forward.

Suffering From An Injury? Takes These Steps After Your Accident.

Hopefully at the scene of the accident, the police were contacted to file a report and you acquired the contact and insurance details of the other driver. It’s advisable to retain contact information for all witnesses to the accident, too. No matter how serious the accident, you should try to take videos and pictures of all the damage and where the accident happened. Then notify your insurance company about the accident and initiate their claims process.

Immediately after the accident happens, you should seek help from a medical professional. Not all injuries can be easily diagnosed and it’s imperative to have all the proper diagnostic testing completed. Keep notes after every medical appointment and request a copy of your medical records after ongoing treatment with a physician or specialist.

Finally, reach out to experienced attorneys in Georgia to talk more about your rights to file a personal injury claim. You may be entitled to recover compensation with help from a dedicated team of lawyers on your side.

Facing A DUI Charge In Georgia? Let Us Defend Your Rights.

The best way to protect your rights is to retain an experienced Georgia DUI attorney as soon as possible. Such an attorney can evaluate all of your legal options, explain those options in plain English, and help you make an informed decision going forward. If you find yourself convicted of a DUI or any other crime in the Savannah, Georgia area, we are committed to fighting for the best possible outcome for your case. Call today to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

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Our track record speaks for itself — we’ve been helping Georgia’s criminal defense, DUI, and personal injury clients for more than three decades.



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