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8 Reasons Alcohol Is So Addictive

  • By: Joe Cronk
  • Published: December 11, 2021

Different psychological factors may increase the chances of heavy drinking. However, how you cope with these feelings can impact certain behavioral traits. For example, people with high stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions are more vulnerable to developing alcoholism.

what makes alcohol so addictive

Many people find that joining a support group can help them stay clean. There are support groups specifically for teens and younger people.

How Alcohol Affects The Brain And Leads To Dependence Video

Binge drinking, for men, is consuming five or more drinks within two hours. For women, binge drinking is consuming four or more drinks within two hours. However, someone who knows what to look for and who is looking in the right places could distinguish dangerous signs of alcoholism. A 2009 New York Times article estimated that as many as half of all alcoholics are high-functioning alcoholics. Lawyers, professors, and doctors make up a large portion of these individuals.

what makes alcohol so addictive

It doesn’t look, sound, smell and it certainly doesn’t act like a disease. To make matters worse, generally, it denies it exists and resists treatment.

How Two Women With Alcohol Use Disorder Get Through The Holidays

Often, the user is one of the last to recognize or realize his or her use is a problem, often thinking “I have this under control”. Once an alcohol use disorder has developed, however, it can be extremely to quit without help. Symptoms generally begin as soon as eight hours after the last drink, and those suffering from severe alcohol dependence should prepare beforehand to detox under professional medical supervision. People drink because their friends, coworkers, and family are drinking.

what makes alcohol so addictive

12-step programs are the path to maintaining long-term, meaningful sobriety. While you’re at inpatient rehab you won’t be able to go to the liquor store why is alcohol addictive and buy booze, so you’ll have nothing to focus on but your treatment. Take some time do you think about what you would do if you had the time.

In the brain, alcohol interacts with neurotransmitters and impacts normal functioning of mood, awareness, and perception. Beer has the lowest alcohol content by volume at an average of 5%. For most beers, 12 ounces, or a standard drink, is the amount of alcohol a body can process in 1 hour. This places its alcohol content higher than beer but lower than liquor. Liquor, such as whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, and vodka, is frequently mixed with other non-alcoholic beverages to create mixed drinks.

Take Control Of Your Life

With a better understanding of why they’re more predisposed to heavy drinking, people can make the conscious decision to abstain while they still have the power to do so. More importantly, this understanding is also a critical part of the addiction recovery process. Alcohol may give people a sense of false confidence, and may even temporarily alleviate their depression, anxiety, or other physical or emotional pain. Alcohol addiction has far less to do with how it makes people feel, and more to do with how they feel without it. People who are physically dependent on alcohol will need the support of a healthcare professional to stop drinking. Some people have a predisposition to alcoholism due to genetic factors.

Can you have a holly jolly holiday when you’re recovering from an addiction? Start each day with a plan to stay sober when temptation abounds.

Substance Abuse And Addiction Health Center

Psychological, genetic, and behavioral factors can all contribute to having the disease. Being addicted to alcohol is the same as being physically and chemically dependent upon it. However, understanding the factors that increase the likelihood of dependence is important. The line between alcohol abuse and addiction is a very fine one indeed. Alcohol can lead to physical dependence as well as a psychological focus on the drug.

  • These include the opioid Endorphin, which makes us feel satisfied and happy.
  • This drinking pattern can also be defined as 8 drinks per week for women and 15 drinks per week for men.
  • The only way to change these numbers is to collectively gain a broader understanding of what exactly makes alcohol so addictive.
  • Contrary to popular belief, individuals who come from affluent neighborhoods are more likely to drink than those living below poverty.
  • It’s important to not enable destructive behaviors and to maintain appropriate boundaries if the person with the alcohol addiction is still drinking.

You’ll meet people who have gone through the same experiences you have, and you’ll be able to participate in real-life discussions about drugs that you won’t hear in your school’s health class. Alcohol is a legal controlled substance that lowers anxiety and inhibitions with a broad range of side effects, such as loss of coordination to slurred speech. Not everyone who drinks is an alcoholic; but when a person has no control over their drinking, they likely have an alcohol use disorder . In the US, over 14 million adults struggle with an addiction to alcohol. Treating an AUD can lower the chances for serious risks and fatal outcomes. While it can be tempting to try a drug or addictive activity for the first time, it’s all too easy for things to go south — especially in the case of drug and alcohol abuse.

The Brain And Alcoholism

But more recent research suggests that the situation is more complicated. Dopamine not only contributes to the experience of pleasure, but also plays a role in learning and memory—two key elements in the transition from liking something to becoming addicted to it. If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, know that finding your way back is possible. At Silver Maple Recovery, we can’t make the choice of a brighter future for you. But once you reach out, we’re here to walk that journey with you.

what makes alcohol so addictive

This drug can change a person’s mood, behavior, and physical abilities. Alcohol also causes a chemical reaction with the brain’s gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors. This stimulates the brain’s pleasure and reward center and causes endorphins to release. Certain factors like age, family history, genetics, and others, can make a person more at risk of developing alcohol use disorder . The presence of any of the below factors can make a person more at risk of developing alcohol addiction. Some with a history of heavy drinking may experience the rapid development of a condition known as delirium tremens – or the DTs – as they withdraw from the effects of alcohol. This is an ominous turn of events, recognized by uncontrollable shaking, high fever, cardiac arrhythmia, profound confusion and hallucinations.

Flu-like symptoms, depression, insomnia, and anxiety are common when heroin use is discontinued, after dependence is formed, thus encouraging individuals to keep taking the drug to avoid discomfort. Unfortunately, many mental health issues, or dual diagnosis disorders, play a role in the development of an alcohol addiction. But luckily, treatment is available Sober living houses to help you or a loved one recover from the physical and psychological factors that led to and influenced the addiction. Unwinding in the evening with a beer in front of the television is a well-earned treat after a tough or busy day. A rare afternoon drink or lunchtime pint can become a regular way of dealing with stress or medicating for low moods.

Drinking At An Early Age

To answer the question, what makes alcohol so addictive, we must first answer how people become addicted in the first place. Julie Dostal was one of them, until she got on the path to recovery. Take your life back by getting started in a treatment program today. Additionally, alcohol manufacturers are bombarding the general public with advertisements. Many of these ads show drinking as an acceptable, fun and relaxing pastime. In just four decades – between 1971 and 2011 – alcohol advertising in the United States increased by more than 400 percent.

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